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Apart from accessibility, stairs are important elements of homes because it adds elegance to house designs, whether used indoor or outdoor. These days, manufacturers have developed staircase dramatically by improving the materials used without risking the benefits and functionality. That is why more and more homeowners are now out for some stair renovations.

One of the common trends in stairs these days are spiral staircases. Popularly known in the medieval times, spiral staircases elevate people by using a central pole that connects all stair steps until it reaches the next floor. However, in the medieval times, spiral stairs are made with stones in a clockwise manner, giving swordsmen a better advantage when fighting.

Today, many homeowners are using spiral staircase for indoor and outdoor. For indoor purposes, spiral staircase is for reaching attics and basements. This is a lot better than using drop down stairs which may pose risks. For outdoors, spiral staircase is best used as fire escapes and entryways to roof decks and balconies. It provides handrail supports and can also be adjustable.

Homeowners have a wide variety of outdoor spiral staircase that they can choose from. Many manufacturers provide more options by using different materials suited for stair crafting. All it takes is proper combination of materials and styles. Among the many materials for outdoor spiral stairs, metal and steel is the most common.

Choosing metal over other materials is a safe choice. Outdoor spiral staircase made with metal are more durable than wood. Metal stairs can resist the changing weather outdoors because it can adapt to hot and cold temperatures. It is also expected to last for longer terms because of its durability and sturdiness. Many metal spiral stairs nowadays are made with substances that can resist rusting. This can save homeowners from spending money for maintenance.

Above all, outdoor spiral staircase can provide homes with a curb appeal without risking the function and convenience of having stairs. Homeowners can also have these outdoor spiral stairs coordinate with their exterior architecture designs as many manufacturers offer custom-made spiral stairs that can be embellished. There are also do-it-yourself staircase kits available on the market.
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Outdoor Spiral Stairs

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This article was published on 2010/12/17