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Nowadays even the government has made in mandatory in most public places to provide special access to people with special needs. stair lifts Places like shopping malls, airports, bus or train stations, hospitals or any public place for that matter needs to have a commercial stair lift available.
The commercial stair lift operates on a motorized platform which is able to travel up or down stairs. They have controls situated to allow the people to operate it by themselves so that they are not in the mercy of anyone.
There is also the safety for children taken under consideration. These lifts are stationed at a place where no one can get hurt and at the same time the person using the lift can reach the required floor without any problems.
Also at times there are operators who help the people travel. This is especially in the cases of the hospital or the assisted living home. This is done because of the fact that in these places the potential treath of a person getting hurt is more as these may be operated by people who don't really know how to operate it.
The operator is well trained on the safety norms and sudden emergency situations. Shopping malls may or may not have an operator standing by, that is why there is a special feature like an alarm so that if there is a problem the person can press that button and help will come to his rescue.
Thanks to this facility, people who really need this help are able to get out of their house and still be able to enjoy themselves. Some of these places have a special parking allotted for people who use this facility so that they do not have to worry about going far off distance to avail the service.
Elderly people often find it difficult to walk with this facility they are not indebted to anyone and can enjoy themselves when they go out. People with special needs also are at gain since they can go up these chairs and yet have their loved ones near them while they are travelling up the stair.
Thanks to the government and to the manufacturers heavy duty commercial stair lifts are now at anyone's reach at any time without anyone's help. No doubt science and technology not only benefits the residential people but also commercial property because these sort of facilities can actually attract people to come and spend their time and money and still be able to avail go such wonderful facilities.
Commercial stair lifts are in every way more heavy duty and can sustain a heavy person very easily. Some commercial buildings even get their stair lifts custom made.

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Commercial stair lifts

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This article was published on 2010/11/18